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winch mounting

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I need help finding a winch mounting plate for my brother’s 2006 Rubicon. The brand is King and the item # 2612S-0. I think it was supposed to go on a Polaris but the dealer never got around to putting it on so he just gave it to him. It is brand new with the roller fairlead attached to an L shaped plate with some holes in it but it looks like this is not the mounting plate. Any help would be appreciated.
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if its just a piece big enoge for the winch and brackets for hte fairlead then no thats not the bracket can get ones off ebay for like $40 i think or make up your own if you get one off of ebay and its for another off name winch i gess king is what u said then all you will have to do it maby drill holes in the correct spot

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that may work for ya
I just mounted a new warn winch on my Rubicon. What you have is the fairlead mount, that will also attach to the winch mounting plate you need. (If you are using a warn plate) There are other mounting plate types that just use a single piece for both. I got a warn plate from here for the best price I could find. #70830 fits the latest model foreman/Rubi '05-'07.
The instructions will indicate removal of the whole front brush guard is necessary to install the plate and winch. This is NOT true, just remove the front plastic bumper from the brush guard, and you can insert plate and install winch without the pain of entire brush guard removal. I installed contactor inside right rear wheel well as instructed, with not problems. Other's have done left rear, but I think it's too close to exhaust.
When tapping into ignition wire for switch power, use the PINK wire in your ignition .
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