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Winch Mount kit?

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Where can I get a mount kit for my foreman 500. I already have a winch. Do they come with the fairlead roller?
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I think you can mount a 450 winch mount backwards, raver was saying something about that. They must have some 500 mounts out by now.
I found one but I would like one that someone has put on there foreman to verify it will just bolt on with much modification.
I took a 04 450 foreman mount and turned it around backwards....Works perfect no mod required,,,Uses the same bolts and fairlead thatr comes in the kit.
Thanks for the replys, I found one on Thanks
I got mine from Matt at ATVOUTFITTERS and it fit perfect...
I have a ramsey kit on mine

I have a ramsey kit on mine, i purchased mine from Call them they gave me a great deal.
I got my winch and mount kit at Cabela's
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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