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Winch installation?

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I am installing a 1500 lbs winch and it is telling me to put the contactor by the back right tire. The contacter will not reach that far does it really matter when i put the contactor?
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no not really but you will see that there really isnt any other place fot it to fit correctly
Hey, it doesn't matter where you put it just try to put it where it wont get continually soaked, if it has to go in a wet spot make sure you seal it up as good as you can. I mounted both of mine just behind the seat in the center and siliconed them, one is 3 years old and not a problem, the other is new.
Can you add more wire and put it in the back tool box? It's really the best place for it.
If you need to add more wire you can, I've never seen a winch kit that didn't have more than enough wire but if yours doesn't then go ahead and add it. Just make sure you use the same guage wire and if youre adding more than a foot or two you may want to consider going up one guage and replacing the whole wire. But it will work regardless.
My Gorilla winch wires were backwards and the short wires went to the winch and the long wires went to the battery. I just swaped the wires and put the box in the tool box.
I noticed alot of people seem very cautious about sealing off the contacter. I really need to know has anyone actually had such a big problem with theres getting so wet that it burned out or something? My contactor on my Rubi was installed by dealer and was put on the back underside of rear storage box. It is totally visable from the back and gets wet all the time, it has no problems and it has no rust or corrosion. Truth is I don't know why everyone goes to such extremes with there installation. Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me?

And as far as your wires being reversed, I've only done 3 in my life but I don't remember them having the wires installed, i guess that would confuse anyone. Most of the time it seems we have to wrap the wires or cut them because they're too long. Good to know if they are assembled.
I guess it would depend on what brand the winch is. Mine is a cheep one off ebay, it works great but the box was not sealed up very good and the first time I took it out and got it really wet it started running by it's self. Water had gotten in and fried everything. I don't think that it just getting wet was the problem, the water just sat in there after it got wet and could not get out fast enough. So I put it somewhere it would not get wet, and so far it stayed dry. Oh and mine has a remote and it's what fried, I guess if you don't have a remote you may be fine.
Thanks for that info. As I mentioned my older one is on for 2+ years and its gotten wet enough times, but it is a warn unit and looks sealed up well. In any case its been fine for a long time and I'm not sure I want to mess with it at this point. On my new Venom winch I don't think its quite as good and doesn't appear to be made as water tite. I wound up installing it behind and under the seat on my Rincon, the cross bar with u-bolts. Anyway after tying off all wires I completely covered the unit with Permatex Hi-Heat Red Silicone. On this unit I also installed the remote plug, so it has both switches, I fused the power line 15amp and also installed a waterproof switch close to the battery. I don't expect trouble with it, but feels like overkill based on the warn shop install. Time will tell I guess.
I wouldn't worry so much about water, if you put it by right rear tire a rock, stick, etc. will have a better chance of breaking it. All my Cats had the contactor right up front by winch and no problems. I've put all my Honda contactors in rear storage box or with my Rincon I put it by the front left storage. I don't think it matters as long as it's protected from flying debris.
Thats a more logical reason to me. Like I said my warn contacter has been soaked more than a few times and looks as good as new. It is relatively safe where it is, not as safe as in storage but I can't see it getting hit very easily where it is. And the Rincon one is protected on all sides from debris, so I feel pretty good about them both.

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