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winch install

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whats the average price to pay for a winch install at honda shop? Also thinking hmf utility pipe and jet kit insall. Thanks
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I would have to guess about $100, but I don't exactly know. I installed mine and it was actually pretty simple, if you are a little mechanically inclined.
DIY and gemme a holla if you need a hand.
I hand my Warn winch put on when I purchased my trx500fe, the dealer charged me $209.00 labor at $75.00Hr rate. I only had them doing , due to it being brand new out of the crate and I didn't what to mess with connecting to the ignition system and warranty issues.
Basically if you can read, have 8mm 10mm 12mm sockets and a drill, do it yourself.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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