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Winch install

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Im trying to insall my winch and i cant get it to work with the switch hooked to the breaker but if i hook the winch staight to the battery i get i to work.... could i just use one wire form the winch to the battery and put a toggle switch in the middle? i only need it to reel in right? but im sure that little breaker does something but i cant get it to work with it.... the brand is gorilla and i bought it off ebay....please help
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Hmmmm so your going to try and not use a cylinoid, dosent sound like a good idea. Your going to need a pretty heavy duty toggle switch to handle that. That little "breaker" thing really needs to be used when hookin a winch up. Iv never heard of a gorilla winch so im not sure about the quality. Not to say its bad but iv learned you get what you pay for.
What does your switch you received with the winch look like ..?.. Are you sure your hooking it up right ..?..

Is it this type ...?

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thanks mabe the switch is bad ill just try to repace the switch and see if that works thanks!!!!
Winch Mounting

Iput a gorrila winch on my 2006 500FE if a warn mount is used the negitive side of the winch touches the right headlight support and will prevent the winch from spooling out but not in.
I got it to work the instructions sucked but i hooked the switch up wrong. But i got it working but ill let u guys know how this gorilla works!!!But with these new 589's i dont get stuck much... what a difference from stock...thanks for all the help...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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