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winch install tips/advice?

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i ordered a 2.5 warn and it should be here next week. anything i should know before the install? thanks
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I would mount the contactor w/ some Ubolts on to the bar that is over the battery. Then run the lead wires in wire loom to prevent chafing.
I personally mounted the contractor in the front dry box of my Rincon and sealled the bolts and wire holes with RTV. It was mounted at the top of the box so should water enter the box, it was still above the water...
On my Foreman I moved the fuse box and mounted the contactor there......worked nice...keeps it dry and relatively clean.

Also, being under the seat make the contactor a little quieter when activating the winch.
Where did you move the fuse box to?Any pictures?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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