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Winch install of a power steering Foreman

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I am having trouble installing my 2500# Viper winch on my '07 ps Foreman. Seems like there is too much stuff in the way to hook up the mount. Ideas? I am really bummed out about this I NEED HELP!
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I see 928GT has one on his, PLEASE HELP! I need details!
I posted this in your other thread also....

You need to mount the winch all the way towards the front. I am currently working with AP to solve this problem with their mounts. The short answer is it looks like an 07 Rubicon winch mount is the way to go. Will know for sure next week when I get a few different plates to try.

I currently have the Xtreme winch mount made specifically for the 07 Foreman and it works perfectly since the winch is mounted all the way forward instead of under the oil cooler like traditional mounts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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