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Winch hook holster

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Anyone made a good looking way to hook the winch hook, besides hooking onto the rack? Trying to make one instead of getting one with a skid plate. Any pics or ideas would be great!
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I "made" this one today and just finished mounting it.... well, technically I made the money that bought it

Maybe it will give you some ideas.

The cheapest way for a hook holster is to go get some 1" heater hose at the auto parts store, split it down the middle, slip it over the center of the front rack and hang it there.
LOL...thats what I did temporarily...... I just want a solid spot to hang it.
I leave my snatch blocks on the cables and winch them tight to the fairleads. They keep the hooks from getting stuck and are always right where I need them when I use the winches.
Thats what I used to do... but just got the amsteel cable and a new fairlead, since mine was chewed up. Trying to keep that in good shape to avoid damage to the rope.
I have included a pic (sorry about the mud, had to crop it from a larger pic) that shows how I store mine. I have a Warn bumper and simply took an exhaust clamp and drilled two holes to mount it. I took some heavy fuel line and slid it over the "U" to stop any rattle. Note how I route the rope over the bumper and back up to the clamp, this uses up the rope protector sleeve so I do not have to feed it into the winch. If you don't have a bumper like mine a similar setup could be done with the stock bumper.
thought i would throw it in
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