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Winch electricial problem

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Cannot figure this out. Warn 2000 winch everytime i unspool the cable and it(cable) touches the bike frame it arcs. I checked the wires they are all ok(not grounding to the body) , switch looks good. The hook is always tensioned on the rack no problems(battery has never died). I think the problem is inside the winch itself.Only does this when winch is on. Has anybody ever have this problem?

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like you already said, sound like a wire inside the winch motor it touching the casing. take it apart and check it out before you burn it up or the bike.
Is this common for Warn. Just asking because i have a Warn 2500 and i was told it was the same as the 2000 just that the 2500 comes with the contactor (motor is the same) and all the assesories to get full power from the battery.
its not a commom thing. The motor should be different, but both will interchange parts. the gearing, frame and spool is the same.
I am guessing that for some reason the winch is grounding through the cable. I dont know how it is mounted, but I would try attaching a heavy ground wire to the body of the winch, and running the other end to a good ground on the frame or engine some where. You can check the ground of the winch with a 12 V test light by attaching the ground on the test light to a good ground and touching the probe to the winch body. then operate the switch for the winch. if the light comes on you have a bad ground. If not then maybe there is some thing wrong inside the winch itself. My money is on a bad ground though.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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