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Winch Contractor Placement

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Well, Since the surgery, I have not been able to use the Venom 3500# Winch. I have the contractor mounted under the seat, but am hearing about problems with it mounted there and getting wet. I want to mount it in the compartment box on the left side of the gas tank. I was going to drill holes and put the wires thru and then seal them. Is this a place where it would be safer than out in the open?

Any Rincon owners have a winch and mounted this there?
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I thought about the same thing on my Foreman 500,but it looks to be easier to mount it in the rear trunk.....there's more room in there.Does the RINCON have a rear storage trunk?
Unfortunately not...I wish they did.. I thought about it and beings that when I am in deep water, I am usually doing water wheelies, This way, the contractor would be raised up above the water level and dry.....
What ever you do, I would silicon that contactor up real good!! We have had three of these cheap contactors go out on us. I opened mine and it was very corroded, and that was just after one ride!! I don't think it matters where you place it, as long as you waterproof it! Just my .02!
Thanx Mudlord..I finally rerouted it today. Came out great. All sealled GOOD now..
Inside pic...
Well...Anyone who has the Rincon 650 and has ordered the Aluminum Products Bash plate...had better do several things.

1. Cut the ends of the mounting plate because the cable hits the edges of it.

2. Flip the winch upside down and re-drill the mounting holes because the bash plate and the stock plate have different heights. The AP bash plate is about 6 inches lower.

Oh well..If you want it to work, guess you gotta do whatcha gotta do.
Does it matter if the cable comes off of the underside of the winch or over the top?. I don't want to put too much strain on the winch... You will see the difference in the upper 2 pictures... Hmmmmmm
Ther should be an arrow on the drum, to show the direction the cable should be wound in. As long as it is in the correct direction you should be ok.
Thanks Truegrit...I have not changed the direction of the cable. I was just curious because now that I flipped the winch over, the cable comes over the top instead of right off the bottom where the bolts are. Wasn't sure if the cable being on top was going to pull the top of the winch at more of an angle..
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