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winch contactor

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i was wondering where i should put my contactor for my winch. the instalation book says to put it in the predetermined atv area.
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LOL.......thats funny!! I put mine and the wifes in the tool box compartment in the back. It stays nice and dry there, well at least on our bikes it does since we don't ride a lot of water. I tried putting it under the wifes seat but after getting it mounted we counted get the seat back on so we moved it's location.
what year do you got, if it is an 05 isn't there a dry storage place? Put it in there
I have an 03 foreman 450. I dont think there is a dry storage place on my quad so decided to put it under the fuse box. I dont know how long it will last there. But thanks for your ideas though.
On my 99' I put it under the seat and had no problems so far.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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