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Winch cable

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How do you get the winch cable off of the spool. It looks like it just sticks through, but I can't get it out. I am replacing it with a synthetic rope.
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Got it! I was just to impatient. The Gorilla winch just has a slot that you have to get the cable out of. A long screwdriver is all I needed!

Ho do you like that winch? I hear they are pretty cheap. I have a warn 2.5 that is about dead and really would not like to spend another $400 on a new warn!
I have the Gorilla 3000 and it's strong, pulls good and never had any problems other than when it came in the mail he contactor box was messed up. But they replaced it no problem
Customer service at it's finest. I have the 3000# winch, well the free spool stopped working. I was tring to get the cable off, as it states in this original post, and I noticed the spool was loose. It seemed like something was possibly broken on the inside, but it still worked fine. Anyway, I sent them an email, explaining everything, and they simply replied, " I am sorry for your trouble, a new winch is on the way." The same day they sent me a tracking number, it will be here Monday. I will never buy another winch, unless it is a Gorilla! Just my opinion!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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