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will warranty cover it?

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ok my other bikes is bone stock other than some 26" mudlites i put on it. I rode it to a freinds house today and nothing was wrong. when i went to leave i put it in reverse and nothing happened. The u-joint broke while it was sitting there i guess. I honestly dont have a clue but no noises or nothing on the way there, ut if i push it in neutral i can here it popping. Anyways will honda cover it?
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they might but they are not going to like the fact that it has a lift and snorkel. they are going to think that it was abused, if there is anything that could lead them into thinking that you abused it then you better forget about the warranty.
If it has a lift you will be lucky to get warranty ..
The problem was with a bike that is stock.
I don't see why they wouldn't cover it but if they won't you can get a new u-joint for $29.95 here
It's not to expensive to fix if you can do the work yourself.
Then it isn't the 06 Foreman in your sig ...?... What is the bike ..?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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