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Will these work all right?

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I sent them an email asking if they fit the 05 foreman,what do ya'll think I haven't got a response yet.Can't decide on a mud tire, but I've heard ya'll talk good about the vamps.Those wheels look pretty good too.
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they will fit your bike i heard the tires are nice but there not a awsome mud tire there just a normal mud tire. also i think you will like those rims i had them on my rubicon and i really liked them. you may want to look into kenda executioners, they pull hard in the mud and wear great. but all in all the tires you posted should be a good tire.
preciate the advise,I think I'm gonna go with the gators.A buddy of mine works for kauffman tire and can get them for cheap.They've also got vision wheels so I think for the $$ right now that's next for the bike.
yea i was gone say if u go for the vampires why not get the EDL's, they look mean....
Do you need a fender kit for the EDL's up front? I have Perfex kit up front but not sure if tires will rub.
im not realy sure im guessing you will have enough room...
on my rubicon my 27" executioners fit fine besides when my shocks were pushed down on sharp turns. i am gessing that the EDL's will be really close but you will proubly have to get a fender kit or you could just bend your fender supports.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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