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This is a 450es, I have checked everything over, did all diagnosing of the es and cant figure it out, it will shift fine through all gears and back down to neutral, the only problem is when you go in any gear and are reving high, not to the limiter though, it will have 3 dashes across the gear indicator and then wont shift down untill you turn the key off and it seems like it resets itself. Please help
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Your over reving the bike .. That will shutdown the ESP ..
Ok thanks for the input, now I dont have to bang my head on the bars anymore.
I just took it for a test drive, ok I dont need to be reving the quad to not shift down, it seems like more in fifth gear about half throttle for approximately 30 seconds or more than it will not shift down, the gear position still reads 5, but it will not shift down untill I turn the key off then on. I dont know if it makes a diffrence that it is a Canadian model or not, but the speedometer only reads km and it doen not even work, it reads 0 all the time, Any thoughts on why it does not shift down.
i dont think reving is your problem. i have a es and mine would not shift up or down when it was in 3rd. i replaced the angle sensor and sealed it with dielectric grease. check your battery terminals and make sure they are clean, low voltage will throw havac on your electric shift. check the main conector on the es module and clean it and add grease to the plug and yuo should be alright.
Those dang angle sensors, that why i got an S
Same problem

I have a 99 450es and I've been having the same problem, I wish I had gotten an S because so far the ES hasn't been worth the headache.
Ok I misread the post ,it's not going to the rev limiter when it stops shifting .. Could be the angle sensor .. Does the speedometer work properly all the time ..?..

I don't believe it could be the battery ..The TRX450 is the only ESP model that doesn't even require a battery for the ESP to work ..
i love my electric shift! from now on i will only buy a electric shift, it has spoiled me. it is nice when you in the water or mud and you dont have to dig around and find the shifter. i replaced my angle sensor when i first got it and used and ne o-ring and dielectric grease and have had no other problems.
Ok here are my thoughts, I seen a guy ask if the speedo works properly, it does not work properly, it does not read mph, it reads 0 even at high speeds. I did all test and the test results say I need to replace the ECU, but I think I should put a speed sensor in it because it is the cheaper way to process of alimination.
The ESP won't work properly if the speedometer isn't working right ..
I have recently purchased an Honda ES bolt on shifter from ACE's in Meridian, Ms. We have installed it on our ATV ourselves and has made all the difference in the world. It has fixed all our problems. You can contact them at [email protected] or call Tyler @ 601-616-3299.
Also i purchased for $50.00 with free shipping. Hope you find your answers. Crystal
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