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Will new tires kill my machine?

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I just picked up a set of black ITP type 5 rims and ITP 589 wheels. The fronts are 26x9x12 and the rears are 26x12x12. These things look massive (width) on my bike and I know they are heavier than stock, but they weight almost double from what I can tell. Will I have problems running these and will I notice a huge power drop? I have them mounted and am working on shrinking my picture now. Any advice is appreciated.
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I run the same set up and there is a power drop to go to that size tire but nothing much to worry about.

I have run mine since June, and when Just riding machine normally no difference, but when out on sandy soft trails they took more power to turn at higher speeds and when pulling a trailer full of wood up hills I ran out of Power in 2nd though on the stock tires I would not of had the traction to get half way up the hill.

but the traction you gain really helps out.

here's a pic of mine on the 26" 589's

if you had went to 27" tires then you need to add pipe and jet's to help offset the difference but if your running 26" tires on a stock foreman your good to go from what I know.
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I took it for a test today and I can tell a little drop, but not bad. I'll ride all weekend in the woods, so I'll post an update. Feels like I'm riding a tank...
wheel bearings

they may be be a bit harder on front wheel bearings, with my 27 inch mudlites, I have to change the front bearings every year or so, depending on use. Cheap and easy fix tho.

It's worth it. This thing is a tank. It feels much more stable than before and blows away our kodiak with stock rims and 26" mudlites. I rode both of them up and down some steep hills and my foreman is more stable than it was before. It has a wider wheel base to begin with, but now it looks like i has 4-5" extra width on each side compared to the kodiak.
It does feel like the engine is trying a little harder starting off and on steep hills, but it still has plenty of power. I guess I'll start reading up on the bearings... I'll work on my pics and get some posted. This thing is a beast with these tires/rims.
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