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will lift springs put too much strain on the cvs

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hey all, i got a 03 450s with a 1.5 inch lift and 28 inch mud lites. it works good but with 2 or more people on it the rears rub on my foot rests. i thought about the high lifter springs but dont want to put more stress on it, will they lift it more or just make it a bit stiffer?? any help is great . thanks Dave
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I don't think it will cause anymore anymore stress on your cv's than the stock shocks. I put them on mine and basically all it did was bring it back to the original height it was when I bought it. It does cause alittle stiffer ride, but it sounds like you need them if you are rubbing.
Mudlord is correct, the springs will take you back to stock height and increase your carrying capacity by 100 lbs front and back and will stiffen your ride a little. It will not cause any strain on your cv's.
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