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will i need spacers

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i have a 05 foreman 500 and i plan on putting 28x10.5 outlaws on front and 28x12.5 on the rear. i was wondering will i need wheel spacer to keep them from rubbing?? and does anybody have a pic of a 05 foreman with the same set up??thanks yall.
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Depends on if your lifted or not. Those tires stick out quite a bit anyways but i dont think spacers will be needed. Just do a 2inch lift and they should fit just fine with a small about of trimming. But a word of warning, I bought the 28 10.50 front and 28 12.50 rear and the 10.50 arnt as tall as the 12.50, i guess HLP dident get the mold just right or something but iv ordered a pair of 9.5s for the front since their the same height. Its not a real big height difference but if you look at my pics you can tell what im talkin about.
yea i have a 2 inch lift, ya i figured i would have to trim some. ya i think i might go with the 28x9.5 on the front in those pics you can sure tell there alittle smaller. thanks for the help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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