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will 28" tires fit a rincon..??

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whats the biggest tires you can put on a 06 Ricon without a dad's found some 28" tires at a very good deal..will they fit..??
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I have put 27 inch ITP's on my stock Rincon and had absolutely no problem with any rub. I have since then put a 2 inch lift but had no issues with 27's stock. I hope that helps. Good luck
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I think all 27" tires will fit on the Rincon...This includes 27" tires that are actually 27" high...Some 28" tires will fit...It depends on the actual tire height and how much air you put in them...Alot of 28" tires do not actually measure 28" high.

Are you going to mount the tires on the stock rims and what brand of tire are you going to install?
the tires are ITP mudlites and the rims are vison rims..another guy bought them for a foreman and wouldn't my dad was going to try them on his Rincon..200.00 is all he's paying for the tires..i don't know what he paid for the rims..
Mudlites run short and they don't have much side bit so you will be okay with 7psi.
im no expert but i would think you should be fine
I have 27 inch ITP 589's blown up to 15 psi... This is alot!...and they fit the stock Rincon fine. I air them down when I am muddin' or trail riding. I air them up when I need a little more ground clearance. The ITP Mudlites will be just fine..
If you run them Vinson wheels on the Rincon be prepared to get very muddy. The wheels are for a solid axle quad. They will fit the lug pattern as both are 110mm. But they will stick almost completely out from under the fenders. Also a buddy just put 27s on his 06 Rincon and killed the bottom end power. It really is a dog now. They also scrub the fender supports.
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Mudlites run short and they don't have much side bit so you will be okay with 7psi.
just a question, but if guys are running 28's and 29.5's on their foremans, woulnt they fit the rincon,isnt it the same set up and whatnot, i have no idea im just wondering
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