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Will 26's fit on my stock foreman??

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I was looking at putting some 26" mudbugs on my quad. Will they fit just the way it sits. I want 26-10-12 in the front and 26-12-12 in the rear. I don't want them to rub when I turn or have to over a log. I don't want to lift it either. If they don't fit I will go with the 25's they still have the same tread depth. Thanks for any replys
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26's will fit fine
You don't think they will rub at all? I just want to make sure. Thanks Again guys
They will be fine.
I fit 27's with almost no rubbng, you will not have a problem with 26's
26 inchers will fit with 0 (zero) problems.
I've got 26" mudlites 10x12 front and 12x12 rear. No rubbing.

One thing you may notice when you go the the bigger tires is the steering on the forman will get tougher.

One thing I did was to remover the steering stem bushing on the top of the steering stem, clean it out and put plaster it full of grease. That really help out with the steering. The steering still isn't as smooth and easy as my 06 rubicon, but it was much improved.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... _shaft.bmp</a>
The bushing I'm talking about is #1 in this diagram. You can get it out by removing bolts #15 and pulling out bracket #15.

Hope this helps.

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ya when i put my 27's on it had no rubbing but dosnt want to turn very good... but it beats being stuck all the time
i have 26x10x12's on front and 26x12x12's on rear..mudlites and i have no problems with rubbing
i got 28 laws on my 05 foreman 9's in the front and 10's in the back and they rubbed a little nothing a razor blade could not fix,and i got 15 psi in them.
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