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Will 26" Mudlites fit NO LIFT

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Will 26" Mudlites fit NO LIFT and do u have to cut the fenders or bend the metal
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Yes they will fit with room to spare, i have 27 inch mud [email protected]#$% and they measure around 28 1/4". with no lift they fit my foreman just fine.
do you think i will loose much power
Nah, i dint think you will notice to much power loss with those little tires. You are only going 1 inch above stock, and they are mudlites
YES they will fit with NO cutting or bending. I have the same tires on my bike. see pics

26" mudlite XLs fit fine on a foreman. they do pretty well on the trails/mud as well

that pic was takin rite in front of the warm up hut in my local area:
Homeville Station
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i updated my avatar
that is why i want new tires
How do you guys like the mud lites would they be better than swamplites
I ride on the road every once in while mostly trails mud and snow in winter
I have 27's and did not notice a power loss. I added a lift and lift springs at the same time, and did not notice a power difference, only a handling difference. My bike is 2wd and with the Mud Lite XL's I can go places I never could have before. Look at the pictures in my gallery. I was considering the swamp lites but when I saw them in person I was disappointed. They look more like an all-terrain tire than a mud tire.
I have 26"mudlite's and they seem to do very well overall IMO.....And they fit great.
I have 27" Super Lights. Almost identical to Mud Lites. I have noticed a small difference in power. I still start in 2nd gear and my top speed has increased to just over 46 mph. But I find that I have to downshift from 5th on hills more than I used to. Not too bad considering these are three sizes bigger than stock. I don't think you'll notice any difference going from 25 to 26". You do realize that your still going to end up stuck in snow like in your avatar?
Yea i know i still will get stuck but hopefully not as often i could touch the ground alittle but the stocktires wouldnt dig any more and in mud well lets just say that is pointless with stockers
will 27s fit NO RUBBING at all
youre good to go with 27s
power is still good
if youre gonna go 26s you might as well go 27s
its hard to tell for speed caus these machine arent built for
speed more of a power machine
so the 27s will make justice to your bike
I had 27" gators with a stock machine. No rubbing, no power loss, only top speed. I'd go 27".
I have 27" mud lite xl on stock rims 9 in frount 12"s in rear fit good but did lose some power thow need pip and jet kit now
do i need to worry about the bearings wearing out faster if i get 26" mudlites compared to 25"
no you only need to worry about bearings with agressive tires and mud lites are the opposite of that
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