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Wife's '04 Recon ES

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I just picked up a super nice Recon for the wife 2 weeks ago. There are a few trails we ride that are pretty treacherous and the Recon being so narrow and low has a tough time on them.

I just put 2.5" spacers all around and now it looks like a racing quad and handles a lot better in the tricky stuff.

My OEM 24" Rancher tires and rims will go on tomorrow, so that will give her a solid 1" of lift as well.

I'll post up some pics when I get a chance.
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kool we have a 04 recon. it will follow my foreman and my dads rubicon anywere.. if the rider is a good one.. but we went to band lands to ride in acitta in. and we but some 24 mudlites on the back it was great in the mud..
My wife also rides a Recon.I'm really suprised when I see what that thing will go through.I'm looking at getting her a 400at or Suzuki Eiger and leting my son ride the Recon.
ya my mom and my step bro. ride the recon.. there like a 300 fortrax.. tough as a tank..
Yeah, it's a fun little quad to scoot around on. Very light and nimble. The only drawback is that it beats you up a bit when going fast since it's so light - it doesn't soak up the bumps too well.

Is it just me, or is the Recon cold-blooded? It takes a solid 20 minutes for it to idle on its own without the choke on.
the recons arnt the cold blooded.. are recon might get started once ever 2 months.. and starts right up with choke... but u have to let it idle for like 5mins
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