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I have just installed a dynojet on my machine and was wondering what the needle clip adjustment dose? It has a stock engine and muffler and a UNIFILTER brand air filter on it . What do you people recomend???
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The needle controls off-idle to 3/4 throttle. Not sure on your specific application o fwhere to plaace the clip, but generally on a machine the proper main jet installed it should be near the middle, not on the ends of the needle. Your instructions should give you the exact placement.
I snorkeled mine and had to rejet the carb to get it to run right. I drove it for about 3 hours and noticed a hesitation. I pulled the plug and it was white (lean). I pulled the needle and moved the clip down one notch. Drove and it was better but still not right. Moved the clip to the bottom notch and it was perfect. Keep an eye on the plug though, it's better to be a little rich than lean.
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Keep an eye on the plug though, it's better to be a little rich than lean.
Very true, motors can come apart running lean, right on the edge is where they run best and make the most power, its a lot of trial and error. Sure would be easier if we had fuel injection.
how do you know to move the needle position and not just change to a different jet ??
If you move the clip to one end or the other and you are still rich or lean, then you will have to instal a larger/smaller jet then put the needle back in the middle. But if you don't have a snorkle to through the airflow out of wack, the recomended jet should be fine. At most you may have to move the clip up or down a notch, same thing on the mixture screw, minimal adjustment.
I tried moving the clip down a notch last night and found that the slider was binding so then I moved it back and went up to the next bigger jet, dose this mean now I should move the clip up a notch or two. It was lean before.
Most likely, yes. But just keep an eye on the plug.
Try adj and take out for ride,than check plug for signs.If ran long enough running rich or lean the bike will overheat and load up,not good.Same problem happened when my friend snorkeled and jetted his rubicon.Did exactly what the directions said(Dynojet)and always ran bad at half and up on gas.Called Dynojet and talked to a tech and over the phone the problem was fixed.Wrong size jet was told to put in with power kit he bought.Poss try calling a tech line and tell them the problem.Good luck,hope I could help ya....
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