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why should i get a lift?

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Reasons that i should get a lift???? any one?

I do alot of hill climbin where the hills have never been climbed and dont look like they can be

I do ALOT of water riding

I love tryin mud holes whether i get stuck or not

So should i get a lift kit?????
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A lift is not the best thing for hillclimbing and if you don't care if you get stuck in the mud then why waste the money.
Unless you need a lift for larger tires I can't think of a good reason for you to get one.
Well put Lee!!!!!
Reasons that i should get a lift???? any one?


Ummm Yea... Because stock is ghey.
What is ghey?
I got a lift big nuff for me to run over cars.. haha
Get one higher is better.
good thing my wife aint fat huh!!!!
ah **** your bike looks perfect. Why blow $100 when you could use that for beer money! Just my .02 If you do anything get the HL springs... I've had the 2" lift b4 and it looks cheep. For some reason it dosn't look like it belongs there! I've got your rims and they are the shiznit!

Looks like your ridin dirty!!
Lift it but go with moose lift kit way stronger better fit....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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