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Why put intake snorkals backwards??

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When i get mine from Triangle ATV im just going to face it forward and put some bug netting over the top,wouldnt that make it eisier to suck air into the intake???
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Mine wouldn't run right with the opening facing forward. Tried turning it around while riding about 30 mph and the bike started to stutter and lose power. Turned it back to the rear and the bike immediately returned to normal. Give it a try as your airflow will depend on the design of the snorkle and you may get better results. What about water getting in when riding in the rain?
yeah i would have to think of the water in rain or it would be more prone to water splashes. also if you have it faced forward it seems like the airflow wouldn't be quit as consistent. if your going 50 mph on the road vs 8 mph in deep water with full throttle. same gas but not enough air. maybe?
on my old 300 i had the snorkel forward and i never had any problems with it. like said above it just depends on the air and fuel mixture. i never had any problems with rain or anything getting in it, but when it would snow it would get cloged up easy.
A lot of it depends on how and where you ride. I know for many a forwards facing snorkle is more like a tree hook, facing rearwards it is more likely not to catch. Where I ride anything above the bars would be an issue, and, if I ever put one on my bike the top will be removable with a very short pipe to go in its place so its only there when I need it.
the only reason that i put mine faceing the back is to cut down on the dust going into the airbox i know that it still gets in but not as bad as it being forward
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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