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Why is Plastic on 2006 Honda Rancher ES 4wd Different Colors

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I just purchased a used 2006 Honda Rancher. It has under 350 miles and about 70 hours. It was garage kept. The problem I have is that the plastic is 2 different colors. The fenders are a lighter yellow than the tank plastic. The tank plastic is more of a golden yellow. We already had one 2006 Rancher and it is the lighter yellow all over. Any ideas what causes this? It is almost like Honda has 2 different colors of yellow. My sons 2005 Honda trx-90 is the golden yellow color.
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They had the same problem on some yellow ones at my local dealer. Both those that were inside and outside. I figured they were fading in the sun until I saw the ones inside doing the same. They never said what was wrong with em, but they were getting new plastics to make them all the same color yellow.
Thanks for the input Vernon. I am going to contact Honda and see what they will do?
my plastics on my 05 foreman are all faded to a brite yellow but if i take the plastics off or the seat you can see the golden yellow and i'm quite happy with the way it faded in my opion you can see the orginal color on the bottem of the fender dont know if the bike was left inside or out bought it used the start of this summer

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