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why does the ES have a cooling fan but the S doesn't?

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My freind has an 06 rancher es and his has a cooling fan motor. I have an 06 rancher standard shift and mine doesn't. My question is why? they are the same engine and everything except for his is electric shift. Does the es run hotter?
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My 06 Rancher fm model has a fan motor! It's the 4x4 version. Not sure if the 2x4 has one.
I think that's correct....The 4x4 models(S or ES) have cooling fans.My Rancher 2x4 didn't have a cooling fan.
My wife has the 06 Rancher 2 WD ES model. It has the cooling fan and the digital handle bar display . From my understanding you had to get the ES model to get he cooling fan and it also came with the digital display. The S model did not, IMO for the $200. list price more on the ES its well worth it just to get the cooling fan and speedo digital display over the S models. Does the ES run hotter than the S model?
I do not think so, its just that the cooling fan will promote longer engine life, just part ES more bling for the buck.
The S model 05/06 Foremans do come witha digital display and the cooling fan, go figure, Just not he Ranchers.
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