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Why does plugging the carb drain work?

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If the screw on the bottom of the bowl is closed, what diff does it make if there is a golf tee (screw, twig, etc) in the drain line? I have mine plugged and I think it works but my father-in-law, who has never been wrong a day in his life, begs to differ. Explain it please!
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The screw drains gas from the bottom of the bowl. The drain hose is also connected to an overflow tube that sits higher in the bowl that is always open and allows any gas that rises above the level of the tube to flow out of the bowl. If the check valve is not closing, the tube becomes a direct open line for water to enter the carb. Sorry to ruin your father-in law's perfect record.
Here is a pic of a carb bowl that will let you see what H4 is talking about. This is not from a foreman carb but is the same setup.
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