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Why did it die?

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I think I already know the answer but why did my 450 die tonight.

I was playing in a pond up to the top of the engine + a little
I have no snorkles intake or exhaust but the water was not up to the intake but it was bubbling in the back. I did not have the carb drain plugged but the vaccum lines are up to the light pod.

So after going through the pond 4 times and having a huge smile on my face... it died but not all at once it spit and sputtered first.

When I got it back on shore (hope the doctor wasn't watching )I pulled the plug and it did not spit any water although the exhaust was full of water but no water was in the oil, and there was only a teaspoon of water in the air box.

I checked everything and
I was pointing my finger at either the exhaust filled up and did not drain out as I played around and I was not idled high enough, or the little check valve on the carb drain is broke.

Any other suggestions?
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Just a thought....Do you have di-electic grease in your spark plug boot? Alot of the time, water will get in there, and drown out the spark.
carb drain plug
Both of them are correct but also if you are running a stock exhaust you should take the little spark arrester bolt out this will act as a drain for the exhaust and it cant fill up quite as fast as it can with it in
Def sounds like the carb drain.
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