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Why are outlaws so hard to mount???

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I have some 28's that i tried to have mounted to my dna wheels, but in doing so broke the attachment to the tire machine and destroyed the lip on my rim. Anyone have any secrets to them? WE removed my bi/tris and put them on my stockers and they went on very easily. The outlaw has to be scretched like 5 inches, anyone else had this problem?? I need some help and a new front wheel if someone would like to donate to buy me a new wheel charity.
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no one had this problem?
Unfortunately, I ride with several people who have the Outlaws...Even one ( Vaughn ) who just had 4 dismounted, and have never heard of them being difficult..
Mine went on very easy with a cheapy manual tire machine. Needed no help but a little tire snot to lube them up!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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