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whos yellow foreman?

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whos yellow foreman is that on the home page? i like the stock rims painted black. it looks NICE!
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that would be robbs
That is mine, but i let Robb use it .
Thats just like your Pig RR... a dream!
QUOTE ("truegrit":2yrbm300)
Thats just like your Pig RR... a dream!
Hey!!!! It ain't over yet.
so what would your wife do if one showed up at your door one day. donations for the pig shhhhhhh...
It would have a loving & caring home.....until she gets hungry

what kindof paint did you use?
Jus used some old Wal Mart $0.97 flat black, holds up pretty well. Just make sure you lightly scuff all the factory paint first.
Now you just need to update the pic with all of the stuff you have done to it..
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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