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whoever has executioners look here

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i know a person who has 27" executioners(same size i used to have) he was having a problem with them digging too much in soft places. he desided to turn them backwards and see how they did in the soft mud. here is what he said to me,
"they were even better in the mud and worlds better at steering. i really think these tires were meant to run that way. however i would not suggest running them if you want to crawl around cause they will fill up, but a blip of the throttle and they are clean and on top!"
i know there are some people that have executioners on here and thought i would shair what he told me. i know whenever i would hit a soft spot i would dig too much and usually bottom out.
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Thanks for the info. I've thought about trying for sure I will.I've always had to be steady on the throttle or else I'm digging down and hung up.
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