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who wants one?

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me and my brother are making some of these for honda's.... so far we have made 2... one for his and one for mine.... here are some pictures of mine, i'll get some of his and put up later..... we built them for our coolers or whatever you may need..... they fit into the frame bars on either side of your rear box.... very durable..... this one fits a 2005 or 2006 foreman.... this is with the primer on it....we'll be painting them black...

let me know if anyone wants one and we'll build and ship it to you...

Send a PM if your interested
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good ideal, what is holding it in the frame? never mine I see that the rack bolts are holding it.
well its actually such a snug fit that i haven't mounted it in anyway.....but i was thinking some kind of pin through the frame and rack..... it's just there is re-bar inside the support bars that slide inside the frame.... but its not going anywhere right now without really working it out.
here's the other model
this one mounts a little different. it just wedges between two of the bars on the rack. its not quite finished yet either.
how much you asking for the first one
get a patent and sell the design $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
bout $125
we're taking orders for anyone that wants one
A guy here locally does something like that. I think there may be some pics in my yahoo of it but i cant remember. Tim (my husband) had one on the back of his rancher, needless to say it came off. He couldnt keep the dang front end on the ground when we went up a incline. To much weight in the back plus people used it as a freakin punchin bag becasue it had a reflector on the back of it or a light.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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