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?? Who Made The First ATV Mud Tire ??

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Who made or manufactured the first atv mud tire? I believe it was Interco, which is the makers of the Super Swamper & Vampire tires. I really don't know for sure, but I think I read somewhere that they were the very first to make them. Does anyone else know for sure?
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I think Wooley Bogger were the first on 3 wheelers.
I think that I heard that too somewhere truegrti, I know that Interco has been making mud tires for a long time though.
yea it was the wooley bogger. my dad used to have them on his old 300 and i used to think they were the best mudders ever.
Yeah, I remember the Wooly Boogers! I bought some new around 1989 or 90. Put em on my Honda 200s 3 wheeler. went riding with my buds and got hung up the first mud hole I hit! LOL I still liked em though!
Wooley Booger
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