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Who has the most miles on their Rubicon?

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Like the topic says, how many miles do you have on your Rubi? What is the most miles that you know of someone having on a Rubicon? I have 1500 on my 05, I have a friend that has 6200 on an 02, lets see some numbers.
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i got 2,000 on my 04 buy my bike stays broke more then fixed, bike is in the shop now has been there since before christmas and is should be comin out this weekend
When I first bought this 05, I put front wheel bearings in at 400 miles, I had the shifter replaced at 750 miles (it would not click into a positive setting, kinda like a stuck button but more serious). The same day I went to get it from the shop after the shifter was fixed, my display meter had a crack in the lens, I had to buy that out of pocket, and an assist light, because it had a crack in it. Reason I mentioned all these little things is that I dont know for sure, but I would be willing to bet not one of my problems has to do with any item Honda makes themself. I think the assist light I broke trying to adjust the beam height, and the meter I feel was cracked during shipment. Bearings, now thats another story, why would any ATV manufactor not put sealed bearings in their units. My shifter problem, dealer said he had never saw that before, how many times have you heard that? The reason for this longer than it should have been post is, when I bought this Rubicon I thought it was cursed for the first 6 months. Now its just like all other Honda's we have grown to trust, and I do trust mine, I would take it over any other brand out there.
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I got a 04 with almost 13000km which is about 8125 miles.
I have around 1600 on my 02. ( I work to much ) All I have had to do was front wheel bearings.
I have a 04 with 400 miles don't get time to ride much anymore but a have a 97 400 foreman that i bought new with over 35,000 besides new pistons and rings from a bath in the river. where it had to be dug out with a bac khole no problems keeps the gnats of but runs great!!!!!!!!
I just bought one that has 15000 on it. motor in a box and fenders and all taken off just a bare frame and wheels. Good thing I work on these all day long.
i have 4720 on my 03 but it was bought new when my dad bought his 04.
This isn't a Rubicon... This is a 2000 TRX450ES that a customer of ours owns.. He lost his license for 2 years and worked 75km from home and drove the bike to work..

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OK, thats great, but how many miles is that?
Check out the hour meter, talk about seat time. That is really cool.
QUOTE ("Bexxter":1zf4sd3y)
OK, thats great, but how many miles is that?
25,514 miles
25,514 miles, now that is impressive.
4309 as of March 29th
4583 on mine!

03 Ruby
2566 on A '05 Rubicon
5015 miles on my 03' / bought new
6021 miles on an 03 bought new april 03 . replaced lr wheel brg.
o5 rubi 5300km
All Ya'll are MANIAC's ...Thats wild.. Wish I had that mch time to ride..Good For Ya'll..
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