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Who has the most mileage on a set of tires?

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This may be a hard question to answer accurately since not everyone has an odometer on their bike...but -

Who here has the largest number of trouble free miles (no plugs, no flats, no irregular wear, etc.) on a set of tires?

Please post your mileage (or estimated mileage) and the brand/type of tire.

I think this will be an interesting thread and it will probably help people decide on their next tire chioce. I know it will help me!
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My dad has ITP 589's with 1500 miles. Very little wear, no problems.
i made it a half of a mile before i got a nail in the tire.
i got 2 flats on the first 10 miles on a set of new tires
i run kenda bear claws and when i had my 25's i put 3000km on them with no problems and very little wear. i sold them to a buddy so i could upgrade to 27's
350 miles on my 27" swamplites, still got the little flaps of rubber on them from the factory in some places. Very impressive.
around 9000-10000 KMS on a set of goodyear mud runners
3000 on my Foreman with 27" 589s and very very little wear,about half that on hardpack. 5000 on my Rancher with 26" 589s and just now showing some wear.These tires wear very well.
4000 on BigHorns
4000 on stock tires.. bout bald........ and bout 99% of time is on pavement..
2300 miles on Maxxis BigHorns (No Flats or Holes)
ive got about 5000 mile on my itp mud lite xl 25x10x12 i cant beleive they held up that long and they still have the same lug depth . or just about.
2400 miles on my stock ruby tires few flats and the front tires are bald, back has some tread left. Ive rode on mostly pavement, 50-55 mph
Just figured it up correctly, and I have 700 miles on my swamp lights. Just bought them about 7 months ago.
Thanks for all the great info, guys. You helped me to make a good decision!

I have some 25" Bear Claws on the way. I am looking forward to logging some serious trouble-free miles.

I got a little over 200 miles out of a stock Rincon 680 set and they are going in the trash next week because I have to plug them after every single ride. They are starting to look like a porcupine.

It was a toss-up between the Bear Claws, the Bighorns, and the Swamp Lites. I got the tires from Rocky Mountain ATV for $231 shipped. Thanks to you guys I was able to make a well educated choice.

Keep posting those miles!
QUOTE ("350hondaman":1zy3otj4)
around 9000-10000 KMS on a set of goodyear mud runners
thats like 5900miles just figured it out now, darn math.

the mst's have around 300 miles on them still have lines on them!
4000 miles on stocks. bout bald tho
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