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Who has handguards?

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Does anyone have handguards on their bike? I like the Powermadd ones, but their installation looks pretty involved -- a little more than I was expecting to have to do. Thoughts?
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you mean doing some small cutting on the right side? a little dremel tool will fix that easy. Moose also makes them but they dont look as good as powermadds IMO
what brand are those?
I have the Moose ones on mine....He said those were made by UFO...

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i´ve the mosse too, they are ok! Fine!

I have Powermad handguards on mine. The only took about 20min to put on and line up. There is a tab on the bottom of the throttle clamp (I beleive that was the side) I had to cut off in order to get the clamp to fit. One side hits my snorkel in a tight turn, but other than that, they do a good job of keeping things off my hands.
Folks with the Powermadds, where did you get them and do you happen to have a part number? Do I understand correctly that I need the guards as well as a separate mounting kit? Thanks.
I bought mine from They were right at $50 with the mount kit I believe??
QUOTE ("Truegrit":2m1x3naf)
I bought mine from They were right at $50 with the mount kit I believe??
Awesome! Thanks.
Pic of my powermadds.
They look awesome -- can't wait for Valentine's!
I really like the look of the powermadds, just agressive i guess
I think I want a set of guards but have not seen anything I like yet, anyone got anymore pics?
will the powermadds fit a foreman 450?
The powermadd mounting kit will fit any atv. Its just a clamping system. You might have to make room between the throttle and the brake, same for the other side.
Powermadd owners...
Did you remove the tab on the throttle with a Dremel tool or what? I wanted to remove the whole throttle assembly from the handlebar and use a hack saw, but the bolts holding it on the bar were so tight that they got rounded off. I don't have access to a Dremel at the moment. Any suggestions? Thanks for your input.
I used a small hacksaw and cut the tab off from the front of the bike. No problem. Took a quite a few small strokes because of the room but most of the tab is hollow so it dosen't take too long.
Oh. You were able to get it off with a saw without unbolting the whole thing from the bars? I gotcha.

I tried the small strokes for awhile but quit, not knowing the tab is hollow. That's what I get for being a quitter. Thanks.
i put Maier on both of mine. work pretty good.
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