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Who all has Lockers

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just wondering who all has lockers in the front diff. and is it really worth the money and the trouble. thanks
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Got it worth it no more one wheel wonder in the front. True 4 wheel drive. Save me many times especially towing a trailer through the woods and mud. Just that one extra wheel turning makes a different.
i never had one on any of my hondas but when i got my brute i could not beleave how much it helped. not only in the mud but everywhere, when you hook up on dry ground while pulling a big load sometimes it will jerk the handle bars right out of your hands in you gun it. all in all i love it, i will always have one.
Are they hard to install???
I put one in mine, best mod ever, here's the link to my install <a href="" target="_blank"> ... highlight=</a>
One of the best mods you can add; however I am having a little trouble with my install, but I will get it. Huge difference.
The best thing u can do to a HONDA
I have one, they are not that hard to install. The biggest pain was having to wait while the ring gear was machined. Has made up for my use of just 27" 589's.
i have a brand new one sitting in the garage just havent had the time to put it in yet cant wait though
Best mod you can do to a Honda!
Detroit Locker

Well worth the money and fairly easy to install. I have it on my 350 Rancher.
thanks alot guys, i think i will get one soon
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Too bad someone doesn't sell the ring gear already machined...No waiting.It could be an exchange deal.Buy one already machined then send your stock one in for a refund.Where I live the nearest machine shop is over 100 miles away.That's the only thing holding me back from buying a DGL.
Well. i did mine with a lathe , holding a grinder steady on the ring ... make sure you hold it steady , and rest grinder on tool rest . Really not a big deal , just have a steady hand, and a sharp eye !! then finish with an 80 grit , finish disc... i ended up with a much "smoother finish then factory machining .... just an idea , or at least an option!! ....Definately worth getting , i now am looking for some spots that normally would'nt go into !! Cheers
does it turn like normal in 2wd with the locker installed ?
Don't get anywhere other than High Lifter. I bought one from somewhere other than HL and the clutches were installed wrong. I ended up calling HL and they sent me the right parts for free. Just from experience there is no better place to buy the DGL than HL.

If it weren't for the DGL I would have been stuck all day long in the snow today. Go for it, they are awesome.

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