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White plastic??? Gear reduction?

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WHere can I get the white plastic for my 500 ??? I saw they were coming out with it in 08 and I want white plastic??

How much is a gear reduction fore a foreman 500? What all does it consist of?

The reason I ask this is cuz I'm gunna give my fourman a makeover....White plastic....maybe blue but white would be badass! And then Im gunna put a 2" lift on her with HL springs and jet it and probly a clutch kit with 30" mudlights and 14" ss112! This my plan but we will see how it goes...I'm just tryin to figure out how much all this is gunna cost so I can save what I need and do it all at one time!!

So far I have this

Tires and wheels 800
Gear reduction??
White plastic??
Lift 250 (spring and 2") 175ish
Cluct kit like 100$
Jets like 100$
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havent heard anything about they white plastics but i believe that the gear reduction is around 650 to 675 here is the link
your honda dealer will probably be the only place to get the white plastic for now,they just came out with it.
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