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which tires are better !!! outlaws , mudzillas, or edl vamps

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Here it is getting ready for the big purchase , and im torn which 28 inch tire should i go with on my 2001 foreman 450 s . i have a hmf pipe , 135 jet , k&n air filter , high lifter springs . i want the 28 inch outlaws , but i like the mudzillas , and the vampire edl's .. which do the best and which are the most dependable !! ????? let me know what you guys think ??
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Mud Zillas ride better then laws or EDLs. EDLs dig fast.
eaither laws or zillas would be an awesome tire on a foreman
if you only ride mud i would go with the laws but if you do trail and hard pack riding then you would wnat the zillas.
which is better

so would the 28 inch laws fit on my stock honda foreman rims . because i like them alot . how rough is the ride on laws . how rough is the ride on zillas . either way 28 inch tires will be my choice . will my foreman turn them good with the mods i have now ? i will say one thing my foreman has a **** of alot of torque and i like it !!!
it want after putting 28" mud tires on it. It will struggle in the thicker stuff.

laws for pure mud riding, rough on the trails 28" and below sizes. They are the hardest tire to turn in the mud. hardpack terrain will wear them out, not for trail riding.

Zilla's are a step under the laws with alittle better riding, a little wobble at low speeds. It seems like they will last forever. They are one of the heaviest tires on the market, but the weight issue is no bid deal.

EDL's pull great when there is a bottom and will climb out of just about anything. They tend to wonder around the trails at higher speeds, smooth rideing and also hard on the drivetrain.
what he said ^. i would get rims too just because they make the bike.
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