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Which Rims

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The Type 5 only comes black in the little size, 10s, or 11s I think, for the sport quad I wanted them too.
ok well how about black or chrome rims
they have these in black, my favorite

i couldnt find a good pic of them black
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That's the ones i ordered, but haven't gotten them on yet.
I like these
These are cool too. They look like import car wheels.
yup, what he said^^^

love the maxxis rims

if you decide on ITP type 5 rims, let me know

that way I can buy the Maxxis rims
How much you want for your type 5's? I need some more rims.
go with these PHIL
if u want 2 know more about them just p.m. me or email or i.m. me or somethin and Ill tell u where to look
Check ITPs web site they just came out with some new rims. I wish they woulda had them when I got mine
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I love the black and polished
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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