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Which oils do you use?

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Well, I havn't seen this post in a while (if there is one) so I'm curious what you guys use for motor oil and rear end oil. I'm a loyal fan of Rotella Diesel oil for my motor and for the first time I just changed my rear end and put in Mobil 1 Synthetic 75W-90. The rear end stays very cool and the motor runs like a champ.

What do ya'll use?
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I use AMSOIL ATV 0W-40 engine oil and in the differentials I use Valvoline 75W-90 Synthetic gear oil.
Amsoil 10W40W in engine and Mobile 1 in differential.
Motul 10W40 and Castrol 75W90 Synth
I use the Honda GN40 oil in the engine to avoid warranty issues on my 06 Foreman and Castrol 10w-30 in my 1998 300 Fourtrax. I never really bothered with the differential oil that cased I would probably use the recommended weight in the Valvoline brand
Mine is an o5 and I've never had the vent line off of the diff but when I cha ged the fluid it looked somewhat milky. It is simple do do and I would defanatley change it regularly.
Good point I never really thought about the differential vent line....what brands of diff oil does everyone recommend?
I believ most use a 75W oil. Personally, I just put in the Mobile 1 Synthetic 75W-90 from Autozone it my diff stays cool, even after a full night of riding. I lost my book so i'm not sure what Honda calls for.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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