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which mod comes first, tire kit or winch?

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HI was wondering which is better to purchase first...

Winch...nice to drive alone but always going with buddies. they have winches themselves.

Tire Kit...nice to have a 26 inch set of mudlite. Am thinking of buying stock rims off the foreman in order to get 12 inch rear to get the 26 inch mudlite. tired of running over rocks bashing the bike

your opinion plse


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I think you answered your own question. If everyone on your group has one don't sweat getting one right a way. Go for the tires and wheels, so you don't bang up your bike.
rims and tires all the way
I think you have answered your own question my friend. Tires all the way. Check out my pics below...Iput 26" mudlites on my Rancher AT and wouldn't have it anyother way.
On my 2003 rancher I had put on the winch first. But it put alot of weight on the front plus I had a warn bumper on it. This time around I have yet to buy a winch. I don't think I will ever put a winch on. I do just fine with my 26" Mudzilla's.
This is my 2003 Honda Rancher ES 4X4
Tires and Rims. They give you more ground clearance so you will not tear up your bike and gives you more grip on the terrain.
Tires, rims, and a lift will set it off. Black wheels with 27" outlaws
get tires and rims. if you get a good enough set of tires and rims you wont need a winch.IMO And tires work all the time unlike winches.(unless you get a flat) tires and rims all the way. IMO
If you never ride alone then go with the tires but the first time you ride alone and get stuck, you'll wish you had a winch. I bought the winch first and was glad i did, saved my butt more than once.
Honestly, how much does a winch weigh it down. Can you tell it is there?
First thing I put on my Foreman was a winch, I have used it 3 times since I have had it on. I can't tell any weight difference with it being there. Next thing I plan on getting is tires.
if you put on better tires you wouldnt need the winch
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