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Which Lift??

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I got my claws in and they fit fine until i ride double. they grab the black fender flaps. so instead of trimming, i need to get a lift soon. I want one that makes the foreman sit level. Thats kinda a big deciding factor. I dont like a 4x4 that looks like its in a tractor pull. its pretty level right now. I was thinking about either the Highlifter or the XPatv lift. I would get the perfex but the front lift isnt as big and i dont really care about a little rougher ride. What do yall think? any suggestiong?? thanks
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by getting a lift kit the ride will be rougher, i never heard of the XPatv lift so i dont know much about them. i have had experence with the highlifter kit and they are nice but i think they are built kind of cheap. also moose makes one, i think its a 1.5" lift. i am selling my 1.5" lift that i made for my rubicon, i dont know if it would fit the same but i thought i would tell you just incase. i understand that you do not want to cut the plastic ( i was the same way) so i got the lift when i upgraded to 27" tires and i still had to trim the fenders. so with the lift you still might have to trim fenders, you will just have to see. i hope i answered your questions.
I have the xpatv lift and it sits pretty level and with 27 in gators on it no rubbin with me and my girl on here
ive got an extreme lift on mine and it sits level with my 26 zillas
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