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I have 26 inch mudlites on ITPSS wheels. I am wanting a little lift...1.5 - 2 inches. Should I go with the MOOSE Lift Kit or the PERFEX Long Travel Kit?

I mostly want some lift to keep the tires from rubbing during certain manuvers. And when my plow is mounted on the front of the bike.

ITS GOING ON A FOREMAN 450S , 2002 model.

I'll be ordering it fludd me with info.

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u dont need a lift 26s wont rub......
They don't rub all the time. But I've noticed when coming off ledges and such and the occasional jumping I do, the tires rub very little. So I thought I would boost it some just to keep that from happening.

Which kit would be best. I'm thinking the PERFEX kit because it will boost it a little but give a better ride. Or will the softer ride cause it to rub more in those situations?

i have the moose lift and am very happy with it have dont a little jumpng not much but just abit and it has held up to it no problem and thats wiht 28" zillas
the prefelx kit gives like 1-1.5" of lift and really helps with the ride!
I love my Perfex...It gives a lift and softens the ride...
Perfex all the way!!!
I ordered the PERFEX kit, and a couple other items...

The other items had to be ordered so when they come in the stuff will be shipped to me....I should have everything by next Thursday. I can't wait.

Thanks for the help/info.

extreme products lift is the only way.
Like 350hondaman says the Perfex kit you will not be dissapointed with. It does give a better ride and doesn't cause more rubbing. I have one on my 450s with 27'' do not rub at all.
Yeah, I kind of wish I would have went with stock size MudLites...25 inch...but the package I bought had 26 inch tires on them. They are a little heavier and I notice it when it comes to power on my 450. I should have just bought the 25's and did without the SS112 wheels. But they look so nice.

I guess next time I need tires, I'll go back to the 25's. But that will be many years down the road. Judging by the tread depth on these tires.

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