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Which Jet Size?

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im getting my HMF Utility and my dynojet kit in tomorrow... i have my bike snorkled and i live in houston, tx
i would like to know if anyone else has been in this same situation and what size jet did u use for ur main and ur pilot jet?

also, where can i get some outterwear and an aftermarket air filter
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i'm using a 170 jet in georgia close to the can get a k&n air filter off ebay for about 40+ bucks
you can get outerwears here for $11

i live in nashville tn, iam useing a 165 main jet ,is the main jet the only one to change have a hmf and k&n fliter
good price on that outerwear... what about an air filter? i'd like to get one that is foam
Uni Filter for $24. outerwears cant be used with this.
ok... how important is outerwear?
would it be okay to run without one?
i never run outerwears, they restrict the airflow alot. if you ride it really dusty places i would say get it, but if you are just mud or normal trail riding i wouldnt get one, they are not needed for that type of riding.
with all the rain we have been having here in the south i dont even know what dust is anymore!

anyone used a uni filter before?

i think that will be the one i buy if its good.
uni filters are good filters and so are twin air. i would get any of them before a K&N, a K&N is a paper filter and not a foam filter which lets bigger dirt in. i have never had any trouble with any of my K&N's but i am going to switch over to foam, such as uni or twin air.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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