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Which jet kit is better or is there a difference?

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Is there any difference between kn kit and dynojet? Need some info am new to atv performance add ons, thanks. Any other kits that are good let me know
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If not mistaken, Dynojet make the K&N jets as well. Folks have been
talkin' about gettin' a bigger factory jet from the dealer. You may want
to do that before spendin' all that money on a jet kit. I wish i would have.
I bought two Dynojet kits for ours. They run a lot better, but i put the
biggest jet that comes with the kit which is a 134 & they still seem to run
a little lean.
i would listen to railroader...I am hearing the same complaint from many abot the jet with the kit not being big enough and the kit being a waste of money
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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