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Which is the best exhaust?

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Hey guys just got back from HMT and want more power out of my 2003 450 Foreman. I think i want to get an Exhaust kit but I am wondering which is the best one to get. I wanting something with a good sound, not to loud and something that is going to give me some real power. What do you guys think is the pipe for me?
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HMF is a great pipe . It is kinda loud !!!!!!!!!! You can purchase a quiet core to calm it down though.
Which HMF pipe?
i have a HMF utility and it is loud!!!

i think they have Swamp series that is supposed to be more quiet
I have a HMF Utility with a quiet core. My riding buddy has the Supertrapp swamp series. Mine with quiet core is about the same as his, but without the core, its loud but a noticeable amt of power gain. He wouldnt recommend the swamp series to anyone. Its a 2 pc exhaust & the clamps dont tighten it down good enough & the leak. Also, the end cap doesnt fit right & the first time he cranked it up with the new exhaust on it, it blew some of the packing out of the tip. I would recommend the HMF to anyone who is looking for an exhaust.
Hi guys.

I agree that some of the Supertrapp exhausts are no good..but I recently got their new MudSlinger pipe for utility quads...this pipe has an amazing sound, you are going to have to play with jets and air filter depending on your riding elevation.

I am running 138 jets, with K&N filter, and Supertrapp Mudslinger without the spark arrestor. I can get you a sound clip if you'd like. I noticed a bit of power gain, but guys keep in mind that this is not going to turn your quad into a rocket. It will give you better low end torque, but also it will be much harder on gas.

I'm getting 86 km's last run on FULL tank including reserve. When I hit 86 km's the quad quit, no more gas. It's VERY VERY hard on gas..but who sounds good. LOL.

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