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which is best all around tire?

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dirt hook extreme or maxxis bighorn?
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my input would be mudbugs or 589's
bugs or msts
I love my Mudhooks Xxtreme! " title="Applause" />
alright, if your a strict trail rider of course your gonna love the bighorns, but if you mud at all you'll say they are crap, so it all depends on what your wanting to ride, I like the outlaw mst's myself seems like a great all around tire to me
I love my 589s my bike turns them really well. I mostly ride in the mud a few trails but last weekend we did a lot of riding on the road, I was very impressed with the way they held up. I think that the 589 is on of the best all around tires on the market right now. Im not sure how highlifter's mst performs but im sure its pretty close. From what the forums say on highlifter they seem to out perform the 589 but everyone has their own opinion. Good Luck
i would have to agree with cajunforeman. i have seen the 589s and the seem like a great all around tire. they are aggressive and at the same time do good on the trail. as far as the mst. im not sure. ive heard some people say they like em and at the same time someone doesnt. its like cajunforeman said everyone has their on opinion.
I have run 589's and thy were a good tire. I now am running swamp lites and i love them.
GBC dirt devil xt's they r great all around and cheap.
swamp lites all the way

don't get the minimum tire you think you need, go to the max then you will be good for anyting that comes your way.
I second the vote for the swamplites.
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