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Which Honda to buy and maintenance after purchase

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I need some help deciding which Honda to buy. I can get a new 2006 Foreman 500 ES for $4800 or a new 2007 Rancher 420 ES for $4900. I would appreciate your thoughts on which way I should go. I will use the ATV for trail riding and work (plow, pull aerator, etc).

Also, how hard is it to check valve clearance and adjust if needed on these ATVs? I have done this on other engines. How good is the Honda Service Manual ($48) for valve clearance and other maintenance/repair instructions? What jobs require specific Honda tools? Thanks.
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I would go with the 2007 rancher because it is water cooled and fuel injection
Out of those two I'd say buy the Foreman.A foreman "S" model would be better yet.They are easy to maintain and the Foreman would be better suited for the work you suggested.Valve adjustment is easy,there's a very informative write-up in the HOW-TO section on this forum.
Fuel injection and liquid-cooled can be more headaches.The Foreman S is simple and reliable
that is a heck of a deal on the foreman. i would probably go with that. i have a friend with the new rancher and he said he loves it. it would probably be just as reliable and as good a worker, but i dont know for sure.

if you start getting into any muddin you'll probably want the extra power of the foreman. go with the foreman.
Thanks for your replies. I will see if a Foreman S is an option. Any other opinions/experiences with the S vs ES? Thanks
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Thanks for your replies. I will see if a Foreman S is an option. Any other opinions/experiences with the S vs ES? Thanks
i like my "s" but they say the new es's are more dependable around water now. for $4800 id buy it if its in good shape
Rancher is a sweet looking machine, but the Foreman is a reliable air/oil cooled rig. It is a win win situation; that is a very good deal on the Foreman.
i just read a review on the rancher 420 was up against everything in its class,and won hands down in 4 out of 5 catagories.sweet machine.probly just as fast as most 500',its brand spankin new..
You never know what kind of glitches new bikes have.
I have rode both the Foreman and the Rancher. My buddies dad has a Rancher and I have 2 Foremans. Both are great bikes. If one was way cheaper than the other I would say get the one that saves $. But that is not the case. Therefore, get the Foreman. Its alittle bigger (physcial size & engine), reliable test motor, S or ES at that price its still a great deal. The Foreman MSRP is greater than that of a Rancher. Plus it will be easier to find aftermarket parts and accersories for the Foreman as opposed to the Rancher.
Foreman, its bigger and its NOT water cooled
Foreman ES, the ES is convienient and reliable, and because it has a bigger engine than the Rancher.
Thanks for all your replies. I got the 2006 Foreman ES brand new from the dealer for $4794 total out the door. Will register and pay tax in my home state.
IMO the honda fuel injection is the best out. i would go with the 500 ES over the 420, like said above the S model would be better yet but if you dont want to shift with your foot then the ES is reliable.
For the work you intend to do, the Foreman is the best option, congrats! Great price too!
Thanks again for all your input. I am looking forward to having fun and getting some work done with my Foreman.
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